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MSB 3.1 adds a feature named 'CoreRestore', namely the ability to create a backup folder with a core subset of the current iTunes backup. This feature is available with Classic and Plus licenses of MSB.

This feature is invaluable when you are having problems with your device and restoring your data simply reintroduces the issue.

To see some common uses of CoreRestore, including restoring specific app data and SMS, see this tutorial.

Not all versions of iTunes allow partial restores. However, you can still perform a full restore. Also note you cannot restore modified files to the device.

You must be in the Photos & Other Files category for the CoreRestore menu items to be enabled. You will be using the file directory to select the files (see Custom Selection below).


Core Items

The basics, as listed in the Categories list (except for Photos & Other Files), namely the SMS, Calls, Notes, Contacts and Calendars, if present in the current backup.

Clear All
Reset - all files are deselected.

Custom Selection

In MSB 4 you can select and deselect an item using the popup menu.

In MSB 3.x, you must ALT-click on any row in the Photos & Other Files category to toggle a file's restore status (see screenshot).


Creates a new backup folder with the selected items. It is automatically renamed.

If successful, you will be prompted to save your entire backup folder before restoring, as a precaution. If you choose to do so, MSB will offer to reveal the Backup folder: the newly-created backup folder will have 'CR' and a timestamp appended.

You can also rename this new folder for easier identification.

See the Restoring section for more details.