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Frequently-Asked Questions (Registration)


The Preferences pane is used to purchase or enter your registration key. For information about the options not related to registration, see the Preferences section.

To access Preferences, use the menu (as shown) or press Control-comma (Windows) or Command-comma (Mac).

pref menus


Use this button to buy a new key. If MSB can find a previous registration, any applicable upgrades are offered.

All purchases receive a registration code (key) by email which you must keep should you need to re-register your copy in the future.

If you cannot find your registration email, check any ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ mailboxes.
You can also click here to search for your registration details.

preferences pane

Entering your registration

Enter the address of the email account where you received your registration information.

Copy and paste the key code you received in your registration email. This is a single line with letters and hyphens only, similar to the example shown below.

Press ‘Done’ at the top to complete the process.

MSB will display an alert indicating if the registration was successful or not.
example screen shot