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Before you contact support

If you are having problems with MSB, please take a moment to follow these steps:
  • Your installed version is displayed at the bottom of the MSB window. You can also check the program Properties (Windows) or Get Info (Mac).

    Make sure you are using the latest version shown on the download page; if there is a newer version available, it is possible the issue has been corrected in software.

    Known Issues in the current version are listed as well as support tweets; corrective steps may be available there.
  • If you are not seeing recent data, make sure your device has been synced recently with iTunes.

  • Review the MSB Manual and  Frequently-Asked Questions, which cover the basics of operations and common issues.
  • If you are getting an 'Error Log' repeatedly, Select All and Copy/Paste the entire log text into the form below.

Support Form (all fields are required)

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Your version of iTunes
Your device firmware 
I am using the latest version of MSB available.
Provide an explanation; for example, what steps you took, what you expected to happen, and what MSB actually did (or did not do).
Incomplete forms will not receive a reply.

If you have any problems with this web form, you can send your questions directly to support (at)

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